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Outsource Optimization and Intelligencesm (O2I)

The Current State

The allure of low-cost IT outsourcing continues to shift the economics of an IT development organization.

While the cost of outsourced IT development has gone down, overall quality and productivity is dropping at alarming levels.

The Opportunity

Even with quality or productivity issues, IT outsourcing continues to be the only viable option for large companies to compete in today’s global market. The opportunity now lies in tuning and optimizing the IT outsource model. Only through the direct measurement and management of outsource quality and productivity can this optimization take place and cost savings be realized. This is accomplished through Affusion’s Outsource Optimization and Intelligencesm (O2I).

The Solution: Outsource Optimization and Intelligencesm (O2I)

Affusion’s O2Ism is a service designed to measure and manage every aspect of your outsourced development process. Based on the integration of sound PMO (Program Management Office) disciplines and specialized software tools, IT organizations (and CFOs) will have the insight they need into the quality and productivity of their outsource groups, whether they are around the corner or around the world.

Services include the following:

  • Benchmarking of outsource process and deliverables
  • Strategy and roadmap for O2Ism
  • Independent PMO overlay for complete outsource management from requirements to delivery
  • Dashboarding and reporting of key performance indicators on development quality and productivity

Your Next Move

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