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Lifetime Financial Intelligence

The Current State

Of the 75% of homeowners responding with a mortgage, 29% have indicated that their home is valued at less than their mortgage balance and an additional 29% have received a foreclosure notice within the last 24 month3.

49% of US workers responded that they find it difficult to meet their household expenses on time with 24% having to rely on credit cards to buy monthly necessities that they would not be able to afford otherwise1.

Loyalty towards employers has reached a seven year low with one in three employee looking to work for another employer in 2012.  Job insecurity and the fear of benefits being cut are leading causes1.

53% of age groups younger than 65 reported that they plan to retire later than they had previously planned (up from 46% in 2011).  Reasons for this include not saving enough (60%), their retirement investments have declined in value (34%), or it’s because they have had to incur too much debt (26%)3.

About 25% of employees say they are significantly behind in financial planning1.

Of the 35% of employees aged 55 to 64 who are planning to retire within the next five years, only 51% how much income they’ll need in retirement with only slightly more than half saying they have examined whether they’re on track to meet their retirement goal3.

49% of employees say that because of the economy, they are relying on their employer to help them achieve financial security through employee benefits1.

Over 57%  of affluent persons in the workforce with $50,000 and $249,999 of investible assets (up over 36% from a similar study in 2011) expect to delay retirement later than they planned2.

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The Opportunity

Financial institutions are well aware of these facts and are aggressively pursuing business intelligence solutions to better understand these trends and their customers—but is the end state another customer-centric data warehouse with improved mass marketing? This is the right direction, but it falls short of solving this problem

The Solution Framework

Affusion has been chosen by a select group of application, technology and service partners to form a revolutionary paradigm in financial services. Beyond off-the-shelf personal accounting packages, Lifetime Financial Intelligence turns Business Intelligence on its head and puts it where it should be – in the hands of the customer, with complete privacy. Lifetime Financial Intelligence allows customers personal involvement and partnership with their financial institution, on the customer’s own terms and on the customer’s timeline.

Lifetime Financial Intelligence integrates all aspects of a customer’s lifetime finances, allowing debt management, taxation optimization, retirement planning, household budgeting, and planning for leisure and life event changes.

Your Next Move

Affusion is the integrator of Lifetime Financial Intelligence. Need to introduce a truly disruptive solution to the customer-centric market before your competitor does? Contact Affusion.

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