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ERP Intelligence

The Facts

In the area of Business Intelligence, today’s ERP systems have over promised and under delivered.

C level executives across all functional areas (finance, sales, marketing, manufacturing, supply chain, etc.) were promised that their “single platform” and “single instance” ERP applications were going to finally give them a unified view of their customers, their products, their inventory.

BI and related analytics have been typically given a back seat or even cut out of operating budgets altogether since the ERP system was going to give all the necessary business intelligence “out of the box”.

Post-ERP deployment, excessive customization of “BI plug-ins” have fallen short of the unique requirements of the business and their users.

The original ROI of ERP implementations are now in question purely because of the lack of transparency and useful intelligence that was originally promised.

The Opportunity

With the correct framework and BI accelerators, ERP systems can now be quickly enhanced with the business intelligence that was originally promised.

Streamlined data integration techniques and tools can quickly translate the complex transactional world of ERP into the business domain that end users need to monitor, measure and manage their business.

Streamlined access techniques and tools, such as integrated BI portals, dashboards and publish/subscribe processes can now be quickly deployed to integrate the user community around a single source of truth, a single point of access and a common reporting platform for accountability.

The Solution Framework

The BI professionals at Affusion have solved these problems and have delivered operational ERP intelligence for dozens of clients. Through a balanced integration of reusable architecture components and customizable applications, Affusion has developed the Enterprise Intelligence Hubsm and has developed alliances with specialized BI accelerating applications.

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