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Whether you are racing to market or trying to meet a regulatory deadline, no one can afford to re-invent the wheel. No one can make the same mistake twice. Every business leader and project executive needs to “nail it the first time” with a shrinking budget and compressed timeline. Today, a leader launching an initiative looks for every possible advantage.

With Affusion’s extensive network of clients, partners and affiliates across industry verticals and technologies, we regularly conduct focused knowledge exchange discussions. Often these meetings are small, off site and client-to-client where relevant lessons learned and best practices are shared. There is no “death by powerpoint” – just a focused exchange of questions, ideas and experiences. In addition to this exchange, Affusion keeps a living repository of industry and technology best practices, lessons learned, project post-mortems and case studies.

Affusion’s ExchangePlace is a service we offer as a value-add, often before an engagement even starts. Contact Affusion today and ask to speak with a Managing Partner, or make a request below and take advantage of the ExchangePlace.

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